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40 Free Three- Column Website Templates

Three column templates are very popular, especially for sites that are monetized with banner or text ads. Here are 30+ great templates from around the web. Oh, and don’t forget to check our lists of 1-column and 2-column web templates.

Website Templates - Informatif – a very web-2.0-looking theme.


Website Templates - Ornate – a pretty theme with a right-hand sidebar that’s perfect for ads.


Website Templates - Grandenally – a beautiful nature-inspired template.


Website Templates - Las Vegas – a template inspired by Sin City itself.

    Las Vegas

Website Templates - Pizza Parlor – this template would be perfect for a pizza place…or a pizza fan site??

    Pizza Parlor

Website Templates - Primitive Element – the tribal element in the header is very cool, especially since the rest of the template looks so techy.

    Primitive Element

Website Templates - EcoBusiness – I love the subdued color scheme and the city outline in the header.


Website Templates - Dark Ritual – a gorgeous gothic inspired template.

    Dark Ritual

Website Templates - Cool Racing – a very simple and clean-lined template.

    Cool Racing

Website Templates - stylevantage – another very clean and simple template.


Website Templates - Aqueous – a very attractive template with excellent navigability.


Website Templates - Aqueous Light – a simpler version of the Aqueous template, with a dark background.

    Aqueous Light

Website Templates - Nonzero1.0 – a simple template with very web-2.0 styling.

    Nonzero 1.0

Website Templates - Fluid Solution – the pink accents really set this one apart.

    Fluid Solution

Website Templates - Black Draft – a simple light-on-dark template.

    Black Draft

Website Templates - Pushing Borders – another simple template with grey accents.

    Pushing Borders

Website Templates - Nature – the apple header gives this one a different feel than most of the other templates on this list.


Website Templates - Citrus Island – another very simple template, but this one has nice orange accents.

    Citrus Island

Website Templates - Bright Side of Life – a very pretty template that would be perfect for an environmental site.

    Bright Side of Life

Website Templates - Broadsheet – this is a really fun, colorful template.


Website Templates - YourHost – another very simple light-on-dark theme with green accents, perfect for a web host.

    Your Host

Website Templates - Pastel – this is a totally cool template, but the spider in the header really freaks me out. However, if you’re into spiders…


Website Templates - Black’n'Orange – yet another gray and orange template, but the center navigation sets this one apart.


Website Templates - Black’n'Blue – just a gray and blue version of Black’n'Orange.


Website Templates - Emerald – another very simple template, with rounded corners.


Website Templates - Simple Threed – just about as simple as it gets.

    Simple Threed

Website Templates - DesignCreek02 – this template would be perfect for an artist.

    Design Creek 02

Website Templates - Multiflex-3 – more lime green and grey!


Website Templates - Three Quarters – this would be a great corporate or travel website.

    Three Quarters

Website Templates - Leaves – another very simple dark-on-light template.


Website Templates - Burnt – similar to Leaves, above.


Website Templates - Free Shop Webdesign – the leaf in the header gives this one a very clean look.

    Free Shop Webdesign
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